Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kiwanis sponsors 9/11 Memorial on Caldwell Green

There are somethings in life that impact us so much that we never forget, where we were, what we were doing, how we felt and even the words we uttered at that moment.
December 7, 1941, November 22, 1963, September 11, 2001.

Two weeks ago Kiwanis sponsored an observance of September 11, 2001 on the Caldwell Town Green. Mildred Fitzburgh our Vice President said a few words to bring us together as we remembered those innocent souls who lost their lives that sunny day ten years ago.
Jackie Allworth lead a gathering of Kiwanians and local residents in the singing of Amazing Grace.
Our firefighters who so bravely gave their all to help save lives that day and for months afterward observed the day with us.
The West Essex First Aid Squad many of whom volunteered at the

Trade Center site as well, were there as part of the memorial service.

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